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These are the consequences of digitization in the hospitality industry: Are you fearful? 4 thesis to consider

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
December 8, 2017

These are the consequences of digitization in the hospitality industry: Are you fearful? 4 thesis to consider

Hamburg, Germany – 8 December 2017 –
Digitisation looks like a dumb jungle: hardly trodden trails and always new hinges… Four theses on basic changes from the catering and hotel business:

thesis 1
Everything which isn’t observable in resorts and restaurants will soon be digitized and automatic! What might have an beneficial effect in the class of a changed scenario for young individuals and workers has unforeseeable effects: From the kitchen, even in sales offices, even in reception and bookkeeping, jobs will probably be dropped hugely, as the formerly purely manual actions will be substituted by electronic tools like AI or robotics (sic!). The grade is currently valid now: By employing self-check-in tools like Conichi or even Hotelbird (or some other), employees savings of roughly 30 percentage can be accomplished in the front office.

thesis 2
Communicating, reserving and promotion (both in individual guests in addition to business clients and new workers) are always digitalised from the non-internal hotel industry procedures, i. e. moved from manually initiated actions to resources which are substantially optimized concerning speed and efficiency. Master illustration: Space reserving via OTA, convention room reservation via OTA, occasion booking via the stage. Among the greatest challenges for resort managers thus far would be really to acquire a summary of this legitimate hospitality jungle. In regards to technological innovation, the majority of the spouses are much superior to resorts.

thesis 3
Models of this sharing market are hugely demanding created, linear small business models. Airbnb has long since emerged in a market in the booming business travel and individual travel reservations economies (“Experiences”). And: A few exceptionally intriguing Me-Too suppliers will also be on the perfect path within this current market, such as in China.

Disruptive innovations like the MyTaxi mimicry, that currently provide cab sharing for your very first time, continue to have an effect on lodging. What’s common practice from the freedom of an increasing number of city travellers will even induce strong changes in the fixed-location marketplace participants in tourism (lodging, gastronomy, occasion suppliers, outdoor adventures), for example as adaptive booking options (ensured booking) along with experience-oriented storytelling for electronic marketing?

thesis 4
Self-check-in is acceptable for virtually every kind of hotel since this contributes to a highly welcome decrease in workload. An instance of an owner-operated Bed & Breakfast resort: late check of a guest to that which the proprietor had to wait till midnight in the reception area. Intermediate options, like programs with which crucial boxes have been opened so as to get the home and area keys, are fiscally viable interim options; what should then follow would be investments in contemporary locking systems which may be controlled in an app-based foundation.

Carsten HennigAbout the author: Carsten Hennig, born in 1970, has been a close observer of top hotels and gastronomy for twenty years. In numerous opinion-forming background reports, daring visions of the future (“Unnounced interjection”) and key notes, he dedicates himself to the master topic of digitization.

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