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Hotel Pain Index 2017: Why is the resort most annoying

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
August 7, 2017

Hotel Pain Index 2017: Why is the resort most annoying

London – 7 August 2017 –
All of us know this: the guest at next door has an insatiable cough, makes a noisy party or snores just like a mine. A cockroach is sitting on the head pillow, the bed hangs through, the ac system is simply hot or cold, the toilet illuminates with mould and silverfish – resorts often require high hygienic tolerance. What is most bothersome for travellers from all nations, is a research by Qualtrics titled “Hotel Pain Index 2017”. For the poll, over a thousand hotel clients were surveyed worldwide. Along with stress factors, data on their own misconduct and positive experiences were also listed. Here are the most significant outcomes from which not only hoteliers can learn.

Study ‚Hotel Pain Index 2017‘ to download:

Hotel Pain Index 2017 by Qualtrics

The worst: filthy rooms and unfriendly staff
66 percent of the interviewees said that filthy, untroubled rooms would be the most likely to open them? The most often cited cause of negative experiences.

57 percent call unfriendly workers, 56 percent was an uncomfortable mattress. Also very far in the complaints record: unexpected additional fees (51 percent). 18 percent come to the conclusion that a poor resort has ruined the whole vacation. 24 percent contended with their partner or friend/girlfriend about shortages of the hotel. We do not want to mention a few curious reasons for frustration along with the obligatory cockroaches: a skunk in front of the space, a window which falls from the frame, cigarette butts, bats as roommates or Law Enforcement Crime hunting on your own hotel.

Noise sensitivity: Differences between Women and Men
Women and older male resort guests aged over 51 years frequently have their hair on their way too noisy neighbours? They’re more sensitive to sound and thin walls. Gentlemen more than 51 are, however, a lot more concerned about sound than young men (48% likelihood).

Sleepless nights because of noise and security concerns
45 percent found their distance as dangerous, nine percent even uncanny. 44 percent were annoyed by noise from the corridors, 23 percent by the non-existent ac system. 20 percent intimidated the area of their resort, while 19 percent expected in vain for warm water.

Tears due to high prices
82 percent of the travellers believe at times that they’ve paid too much for their space. Guests of five-star hostels feel this especially often. 34 percent of all guests of five-star accommodations said they had already burst into tears because of disappointment – Nobelherberge thus has a particularly higher frustration potential. The tear rate is only 13 percent.

Important: hotel reviews online
Fundamentally, just 14 percent of respondents are prepared to keep in a hotel which has a score of 2 out of a total of five points on TripAdvisor, Google and Co. From three factors, the willingness to pick a hostel increases: 47 percent of all respondents are searching for hotels in this class. For 26 percent, it must be four factors, for 13 percent just five points are interesting. Almost a quarter (24 percent) said they’d already composed a negative resort criticism at a valuation portal. Two-thirds (67 percent) read resort evaluations beforehand and have them integrated into their choice.

A few of the interviewees concede that they’re not innocent lambs themselves. By way of instance, 23 percent of smokers admitted that they had already been in a non-smoking room. 19 percent of the study participants betrayed the illegally smuggling of a pet to the resort, in one percent of the cases also snakes and reptiles. 23 percent of the interviewees also confessed that they had already accommodated more people in the area than allowed by the resort management.

Don’t write bad reviews
A further finding from the study: Frustrated resort guests would prefer an answer to their problem than to exit online. At the peak of the list is the area change? 45 percent of all interviewees have ever asked for it.

What’s favourable: Web, cleanliness and peace
76 percent of clean rooms, followed by a wireless reception (65 percent). 63 percent are happy with a quiet room without a sound, while 62 percent is well worth the breakfast included in the purchase price. Quite simply: The Internet is much more important than free breakfast flocks and parking.

As a first impression, fresh guests perceive notably the cleanliness (45 percent) and size (20 percent) of the space. 17 percent listen to the odour and just five percent on the prognosis.

Hotels are not enough to get a great experience of their guests
Over a third of all study participants (35%) believe that the resorts don’t have sufficient effort to provide their guests with a first-class encounter. This value increases to 50 percent for holidaymakers who remain in a couple of star hostels. For five-star resorts, on the other hand, only 22 percent complain about the shortage of staff.

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