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Applicants and career changers wish to get recruited: Immediate contact instead of “Post & pray” – New challenges for recruiting for hotels and restaurants

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
September 28, 2017

Applicants and career changers wish to get recruited: Immediate contact instead of “Post & pray” – New challenges for recruiting for hotels and restaurants

Hamburg, Germany – 28 September 2017 –
It is clearly a “buyer’s market”: Prospective applicants and career changers want to be particularly wooed. By means of so-called busy sourcing in networks, specialist matching and target-group-specific addressing, companies in the catering and hotel sector also have to reconsider recruiting. “Post & pray” is no longer working: even in based job portals, a number of applications are falling markedly.

The shortage of skilled workers contributes to a new self-confident understanding of the functions of applicants and livelihood starters. More and more people prefer the initial contact with an employer prior to the actual application process occurs. Lots of people value talking directly to business representatives rather than personnel consultants. In addition to the daily routine, which is mainly concerned with taking care of existing workers and dealing with increasing challenges like overcoming psychological issues, recruiters need to spend more time on busy sourcing.

The new guideline is: Candidates choose the companies – or would like to be targeted. As a result, HR professionals in the hospitality and hospitality industries are becoming more and more reliant on professional matching tools in growing networks, automatically suggesting potential candidates for the advertised job. A fast check of the online profile leads to further results: active response and/or a single memo to return to the talent afterwards.

This means that HR staff must be more active in social networks with their own profiles and make new contacts. It is also a good idea to v purposeful job landing page of your own host firm with portrait photographs, contact details as well as contact type and messenger services like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Slack for inquiries. Professional employer branding should also have a synopsis of all extra benefits such as public transport subsidies, discounts for fitness clubs and the like. And provides for additional education comprise.

Bread and butter jobs such as those in the service, kitchen and reception areas have to be proactively introduced – with their own HR PR plan. Even entrance bonuses of many hundred euro for lateral entrants in the ceremony must be represented after the PR-principle “Do good and talk about it”.

Recruiting has become a strategic undertaking in the hospitality industry, which is plagued by a lack of staff. Numerous HR departments are no longer able to deal with these time-consuming challenges by themselves. Professional HR marketers are currently in good demand.

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