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We?re real busy today – And other phrases that should never be used in the customer service business

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February 13, 2014

We?re real busy today – And other phrases that should never be used in the customer service business

Hospitality News: Customer LoyaltyI was always taught that customer service = the “cheerful giving of attention”.? I doubt that these next 5 phrases will make any customer very cheerful.

?We?re Real Busy Today?

As a customer, do we care if the business is busy? Yes, we want the business to be successful, but not to the detriment of service, especially the service I receive. This phrase leaves the impression in the mind of the customer that we will receive less than desired service and attention because the cashier, waiter, attendant, etc. is too busy to properly tend to us.

Just greet me, the customer, in your usual pleasant manner and forget that phrase.

?To Be Honest With You?

No, I?d rather you lie to me?what a ridiculous statement that is and one never to make to a customer.? An employee of a business is assumed to be the authority of all the products and services that business offers.? They are expected to be sincere in their approach, genuine in their efforts and of course honest in all other dealings.

If the employee states that NOW he will be honest, what impression is left in the customers? mind about everything that has come before this statement?

?Would You Like To See Our Dessert Menu??

Never ask a question that can be answered with one word like NO.? Assume the sale and after dinner the waiter should automatically bring over the dessert menu and say something like, “I’m happy to see you enjoyed your entree, may I recommend our delicious homemade apple pie with whipped cream that just melts in your mouth?? It goes great with a nice cup of cappuccino”.

As a waiter, if you want to make more money for the business, and yourself, don?t let the opportunity pass you by and present the item directly to the guest first.? Then allow them to decide based on their wants, needs and desires.

?I?m Not From Around Here?

You are a cashier in a retail store.? As you are ringing in customer?s items she says to you ?Excuse me, but do you know where the nearest greeting card store is, it?s my wedding anniversary at the end of this week and I need to get a nice card for my husband??? Seems like a reasonable request from your customer.

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