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Winter travel trends

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November 21, 2013

Winter travel trends

Colorful house line in old bavarian town near Munich in winter
Colorful house line in old bavarian town near Munich in winter

This Thanksgiving and Christmas, those looking to leave home for the holidays will save on hotel rooms in most major US cities. Significant savings are found in Washington D.C. and Boston this year. Warmer, southern destinations, on the other hand, see increased prices over the Christmas holiday. Those looking to ring in the New Year in Las Vegas would be wise to book quickly, as hotel prices already show a steep 213% price hike (at $284/night on December 31st). Florida takes five of the top 25 spots on the list of most popular destinations this winter season. Among American travelers, European destinations are less popular this year than they were last year, being replaced by a few warmer destinations such as Sydney, Puerto Vallarta, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Thanksgiving hotel deals found in many major US cities

Thanksgiving is a good time to find hotel deals in the US. Most major cities see rates decreasing over the holiday weekend (Nov 28-30), when compared to an earlier period in the month over the same days of the week. Some cities see price decreases as significant as 24%, for example, in Philadelphia, 22% in Boston, 24% in Columbus, 19% in Washington D.C., 30% in Baltimore, and 20% in Denver.

However, hotel nightly rates show increases over Thanksgiving in tourist hotspots, Las Vegas (up 15%), New York (up 16%), as well as in Chicago (up 9%).

Christmas ? prices heat up in warmer spots, cool down in big cities

Similar to the pattern we see over Thanksgiving, hotel prices in most major US cities see price decreases over Christmas, ranging from 5-53%. The average nightly rate for a hotel in Chicago is only $149 over Christmas, down a dramatic 53% from earlier in the month over the same days of the week. Great deals can also be found in New York City, where travelers will pay 35% less over the holiday ($297/night, in comparison to $456/night). Hotel prices are down 32% ($126/night) in the nation?s Capital, 26% in Boston ($200) and San Diego ($101), 37% in New Orleans ($134), and 9% in San Francisco ($162).

Hotel price hikes over the Christmas holiday are found in southern destinations such as Savannah (up 20%, $140/night), Fort Lauderdale (up 18%, $153/night), Orlando (up 29%, $158), and Memphis (up 10%, $194/night). Cancun, Mexico sees a 36% increase over Christmas, while travelers to Paris, France for a romantic holiday can expect a 58% price hike, paying an average $192/night.

Las Vegas sees 213% price hike for New Year?s Eve

Don?t expect cheap hotel prices while ringing in the New Year. Travelers celebrating in Las Vegas will pay an average 213% more than they would on the same day of the week during a period earlier in December. People will also pay considerably more in New York City, Orlando, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Below is a table showing the average hotel prices for the night of New Year?s Eve and the percent increase from an earlier period of the month over the same day of the week.

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