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Manchester residents’ Christmas preferences revealed

Profile Photo By: Colleen Reid
December 13, 2013

Manchester residents’ Christmas preferences revealed

One in five Manchester residents enjoy a lie in on Christmas morning, whilst the majority will buy presents in the city’s shops rather than online, a Premier Inn survey has revealed.

The run up to the festive period is in full swing across the country, but how does Manchester do Christmas? Where do Mancunians go to eat, drink and be merry whilst soaking up the festive atmosphere? A survey carried out by Premier Inn Manchester, found almost one fifth of Manchester’s resident enjoy a lie in on Christmas morning, whilst 35 per cent are woken by a parent, sibling or even their pet.

The laid back approach some locals take to Christmas also extends to the opening of presents, with 15 per cent revealing they will put off unwrapping their gifts until after Christmas Dinner or even as late as Boxing Day.

The coming together of family over the festive period, meanwhile, has been known to spark a row or two, but Manchester appears to be a city of peace and tranquillity with over a quarter of its residents insisting they never argue with family at Christmas.

39 per cent of the less harmonious households, however, revealed arguments over what to watch on TV were most likely to cause a family feud. A small amount even pinned the blame on their Dad’s terrible dinner table jokes.

Manchester born and bred resident Simon Bennison said: “People in Manchester love nothing more than a good Christmas get together with family, friends and pets. The only thing we fall out over is what to put on TV. I personally want to watch Johnny Cash’s Christmas, my mum wants to watch Strictly Come Dancing, whilst my Dad just wants to get out to the pub.”

The people of Manchester appear to be more than happy with the city’s shopping options, with only 28 per cent intending to buy presents online. The majority will be taking to the streets and heading to popular shopping destinations such as the Arndale and Trafford Centres, as well as shops in the Market Street area.

Some also plan to shop at the city’s Christmas Market, with the local Chorlton Cheshire Cheese stall a popular choice in the ‘must-visit’ stall category. Sipping mulled wine and sampling various flavours of Bratwurst sausage also features high on the ‘to-do’ list of locals wandering the market. Christmas Eve is often associated with frantic, last minute dashes around the shops, but only 10 per cent of the city’s residents say they will still be finalising their shopping the day before Christmas. 67 per cent say they will ideally be at home relaxing, whilst 4 per cent will still be at work.

What areas and establishments do locals recommend to those looking to get into the Christmas spirit? Nearly 23 per cent suggest dining at The Northern Quarter Restaurant, whilst one in five named Sam’s Chop House as the pub with the best festive decorations.

The Deansgate area is hot favourite for its atmosphere and decorations, whilst Spinningfields was voted the most family-friendly part of the city.?

Key findings
? 35% of Mancunians are woken by a parent, sibling or pet on Christmas morning
? 39% argue about what to watch on TV on Christmas day
? Mancunians are extremely patriotic to their local shops and Christmas Markets with only 28% intending to buy presents online
? 10% will still be finalising their shopping on Christmas Eve
? 4% of locals will be working on Christmas Eve
? 15% will be waiting patiently, revealing they will be unwrapping their gifts after Christmas Dinner or as late as Boxing Day
? Arndale, Trafford Centres and the Market Street area are shopping destination favourites
? Spinningfields was voted the most family-friendly area of the city
? The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Sam?s Chop House were both recommended by locals as some of the best places in town to get into the Christmas spirit

For more information about the study, visit:
Premier Inn News section
Premier Inn Manchester

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