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SWISS to adjust its fares in Europe and simplify its sports equipment carriage rates

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May 24, 2012

SWISS to adjust its fares in Europe and simplify its sports equipment carriage rates

SWISS is to modify its fares within Europe. The increases, which will enter into effect on 1 June, apply to all flights from Switzerland in Economy and Business Class. The airline is also simplifying its sports equipment carriage rates from the same date.

SWISS is increasing its fares for travel within Europe from the beginning of June. Economy Class fares will rise by between CHF 10 and CHF 20, while Business Class fares will be raised by CHF 30.

Alongside these fare increases, SWISS is simplifying both the provisions and the rates applicable to customers travelling with sports equipment. In the past, SWISS?s sports equipment carriage rates have been calculated independently of the traveller?s free baggage allowance. The rates concerned have been based on three different categories of equipment, with each traveller?s sports baggage assigned to the applicable category at check-in on the basis of its weight and length.

From 1 June onwards, any sports equipment which a customer is travelling with will be included in their free baggage allowance calculation. If the total of their sports equipment and the rest of their baggage exceeds the applicable free baggage allowance (in weight or number-of-pieces terms), the surplus will be subject to the usual excess baggage charges.

In a further innovation, a specific selection of frequently-transported sports equipment items ? such as bicycles, surfboards and diving equipment ? will in future be subject to attractive new flat carriage rates. These changes will simplify the carriage of sports equipment and make the corresponding rates more transparent for the customers concerned. SWISS travellers may continue to take their skiing equipment with them in addition to their regular baggage at no extra cost. And members of the SWISS Golf Traveller programme will still be able to check-in their golfing equipment free of charge.

Full details of the new SWISS carriage rates for sports equipment are available here.

The adjustments to SWISS?s European fares and the new sports equipment carriage rates and conditions will apply to all tickets for travel from Switzerland issued on or after 1 June 2012. All tickets issued before this date will be subject to the current fare and sports equipment carriage rate conditions.

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