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Media Tour Voltic (GH) Limited Nyame Ani Plant

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September 19, 2012

Media Tour Voltic (GH) Limited Nyame Ani Plant

Kumasi, Ghana. 13th September, 2012: Voltic (GH) Limited, producers of Voltic Natural Mineral Water, has today organised a media tour of its Nyame Ani Plant, Kumasi, in order for a selected group of the media to familiarise themselves with the production processes of the plant.

The exercise which was led by Mr. Raymond Mensah Gbetivi, Quality Assurance Manager of Voltic (GH) Limited, took the form of a guided tour of the plant.

Prior to embarking on the plant tour, the QA Manager explained to the team the processing stages from the boreholes, various filtration and purification stages, packaging and storage. He educated the journalists on the significant difference between purified municipal water and purified natural mineral water. He said, ?Voltic Natural Mineral water belongs to the purified natural mineral water category. This is borne out of the fact that the product is naturally filtered and purified through processes without addition of chemicals or additives, from two borehole sources. The borehole sources are each 60 meters below ground level. The aquifer is rich in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Nitrate, Sulphate, Potassium etc. Mechanized boreholes are constructed to draw raw water from the aquifer for filtration, purification and packaging, making Voltic a real natural mineral water.?

Mr. Gbetivi added that ?It is wrongly believed that one can adopt a water treatment system used by one water producer for another. However, this is not the case; a good water treatment system is the one that considers and incorporates adequate controls to address the shortfalls of the source water quality to meet the unique needs of consumers.”

During the tour a journalist said, ?This is the first time I have had the opportunity to visit the Voltic (GH) Limited?s Nyame Ani Plant and I have seen all the processes that they undertake to produce quality drinking water. I am therefore confident that whatever Voltic Mineral Water I drink is of the best quality.?

Another member of the group also added that he is impressed, as the company ensures the right procedures are adhered to.

The media team expressed sincere gratitude towards the team from Voltic (GH) Limited for giving them the opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of the production of Ghana?s premier natural mineral water.

Voltic (GH) Limited is currently the only packaged water company in Ghana issued with an HACCP Certificate by the Food and Drugs Board(FDB). A few other companies in Ghana have also been issued with HACCP Certificates by the FDB. The issue of the certificate to Voltic (GH) Limited was preceded by training organized through the Industrial Support Services Programme (ISSP) of the Food and Drugs Board. The programme also supported the installation and audit of the HACCP system. The voluntary adoption of HACCP by Voltic Ghana Limited has great potential to increase the local market share of products from the company as HACCP positions the company above all other packaged water producing companies and assures a safer and better-quality product from the company. The HACCP system also allows access to packaged water from Voltic (GH) Limited on the international market. HACCP builds confidence in product safety, which is translated into confidence of patrons and producers alike in the product. Less consumer complaints and reduced regulatory visits to production premises are also assured.

Source: SAB Miller

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