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Founders’ Day Is Time To Celebrate At Hard Rock

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June 5, 2012

Founders’ Day Is Time To Celebrate At Hard Rock

June 14, 1971. Just another day in just another year for almost every person on the planet. For Hard Rock, though, this is the day that officially started it all. This is the day that the very first Hard Rock Cafe opened its doors in London, the day that Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, The Founders, brought their vision of glorious American hamburgers to Brits and American ex-pats alike, the day that rocked dining experiences forever after. London, and the world, for that matter, had never seen anything like it. Hard Rock Cafe was a runaway hit.

Now, even with the first Cafe’s success, there weren’t any guaranties, and that first cafe was the only cafe for over a decade. With Hard Rock’s expansion in the ’80s, however, the brand became ubiquitous, from amazing experiences that rock to the now-famous Classic Tees donned by everyone who was anyone. Hard Rock expanded around the globe, with Cafes springing up all over Europe, Asia, and the United States. The first Hard Rock Hotel opened its doors in Las Vegas in 1995, proving that the Hard Rock experience could translate over to the world of travel and rock just as hard as ever.

Every year on June 14, Founders’ Day, Hard Rocks around the world celebrate the anniversary of that first day, and we want you to join us! From the staff dressing in their best pseudo-70s garb to hamburger eating contests to rolling back prices for anyone with a badge (such as firefighters and police officers), Hard Rocks celebrate in so many different ways. Click here to check out what’s going on at your Hard Rock for Founders’ Day.

Source: Hard Rock

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